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Raising Awareness in the Sauk Valley

about Human Trafficking

Ways To Help

1. Get Informed - There is endless information available if you begin to research and learn about human trafficking in the US or Worldwide. Whether you choose to educate yourself through links on our ​Facebook page, our website, or anywhere really -- we encourage you to take time to get educated about this important issue.

2. Get Social - Equally as important as learning, share what you've learned! Connect with us on Facebook. Share what you've learned with us, and take posts that we've shared and share them with your friends too! This will start a chain reaction of awareness, which translates into more good things! Our Facebook link is at the bottom of this page. Like and Share!​

3. Pray - Never underestimate the power of prayer. This is our #1 weapon against the evils of human trafficking. Add something specific with regards to human trafficking to your prayer list each week, month, etc...​

4. Request a Speaker - We at SAVE61 are available to do awareness presentations regarding human trafficking, internet safety, and even training health care/community workers. Go to the "Contact Us" link above.​

5. Volunteer - What are your gifts? Can you put them to use in working with SAVE61 or another organization working to raise awareness and eliminate human trafficking?​